Thursday, 3 November 2011

Liberty and Justice for All

As I recently mentioned, I spent rather a lot of time drafting and re-drafting a personal statement application to BPP for a Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL). When I was done, I sent it to a few friends that had read the first few drafts and one of them made the following comment:

"I'm especially glad you got rid of the bit about believing in justice"

This wasn't too encouraging, because I in fact did not "get rid of the bit" that said:

"I believe that the GDL at BPP would allow me to further develop my love of justice and argument and serve to empower me with the relevant knowledge and qualifications to embark upon a successful legal career."
Still, it didn't seem to bother them too much. And that was after I removed my 'joke' opening paragraph after a barrage of comments telling me that there is no place for humour in an application. I should've known. I should've known!

"A compulsive reading of every John Grisham novel I could get my hands on is not what made me want to study law. Nor was I convinced by a dozen irate males that perhaps I ought to consider a change of career path, and I certainly did not decide to do it because I thought I could handle the truth."

I saved myself some embarrassment which is always good.

On the topic of justice, I found today that the mother of a friend of mine has a particularly good quotation regarding law and justice:

"I also enjoyed her response to the question: What would your advice be to anyone wanting a career in law? She replied: "Remember that the law and justice are not a married couple. At best they are a one-night stand and part company in the morning." I certainly could not have put it better."

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