Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Always on the move

As I walked into work I thought about which song I should append to my next blog entry. The first song I thought of was The Clash's I Fought The Law, but although I know that taking the Graduate Law Diploma will be hard work, I'm not sure it is quite on par with "breaking rocks in the hot sun". Furthermore, I don't want to "fight" the law, and if I do, I certainly don't want it to beat me.

What I am trying to say with this is that on Monday - having submitted an application on Friday afternoon - I had a phonecall from BPP Law School telling me that I had an offer and that an email would soon follow with instruction of how to accept and start paying them. The more cynical amonst us may simply shrug and point out to me that anyone who applies to do a GDL, provided they can pay up, will be accepted. I can honestly say that this attitude does not bother me. I know that my course, and how much I benefit from it, depends on me: on how hard I study, on what I do with it, etc. That doesn't mean that I didn't spend several weeks drafting my personal statement, speaking to friends who have taken a GDL/LLB/LPC/LLM, going to open days, reading different publications, and following a series of twitter feeds. I did.

Actually, the open day really sold me to the course. The Virtual Learning Environment, which enables students to access all the resources from a remote location, seems to have been the pivotal point that enabled me to believe that I could succeed through "distance learning". Although the stigma of "mail-order degree" seems to follow me around, regardless.

I went and got myself an external reader card at my nearest University library (where I happen to have studied for my two other degrees) and took out a few books on what seemed to be interesting topics that won't necessarily be covered in the GDL, but that I could take an interest in for casual reading. Apart from that: now I play the waiting game.

Because there wasn't a lot of music favourable to lawyers ("I studied law and... it was great fun!"), I have decided to leave you with what I was listening to when I came into work this morning.

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