Monday, 29 July 2013

#FreedomToOffend is not #FreedomToThreaten

In my earlier post about Deyka Hassan I recounted how she went to the Police to report threats of violence and abuse against herself and how she was instead prosecuted for her own tweet. It is not known that any action was taken against those who abused her. She received such messages as: 

@blaysefleckney tweets: @Deyka you ought to be hunted down, gang raped with a handsaw then fed too (sic) the pigs you fucking scumbag"

Deyka's tweets were also retweeted to the Metropolitan police to request action be taken against her.

I have also discussed how Ben Townsend's racist tweets were reported to Gloucestershire Police via Twitter itself (more screenshots in the article), and he was subsequently arrested: 

Today we see a slightly different case in which MP Stella Creasy repeatedly retweeted her recieved abuse to Waltham Forest MPS who told her to report it to a station. Official Police Twitter accounts across the country will all say that they are not to be used to report emergency crime as they are not monitored 24/7, and this is very understandable. What should be noted however is that there ought to be consistency amongst these services. It is also undeniable that as a whole this picture needs to change with urgency. 

Tweets to MP Stella Creasy threatening rape at a specific time near her house
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