Friday, 18 January 2013

Encouraging advice from Lord Phillips

I am looking forward to the next issue of LegalIncite for many reasons. The first reason is primarily selfish, given that I should have 2 articles in the upcoming issue. I will share more details of them once they are published.

The second reason is because the preview of advice that Lord Phillips has given us BPP students is very encouraging and I wish to read more about it.

From the LegalIncite Facebook page, this is Lord Phillips's advice:

"Prior experience in a specialist area is not important but I think breadth of experience is important. The candidate for the Bar or the solicitors’ profession, who has done nothing but law, is not as attractive as the candidate who has other things to offer…it won’t necessarily be experience in accountancy or science, it might be something completely different such as having done some fantastic trek to the top of Mount Everest!"
"If everyone had all the time and all the money in the world, I would advise everyone to do a different degree first and come to law afterwards."
As someone that has come from an economics and politics background, I hope that I can continue to benefit from a broad view of the world and that this proves useful in my professional life.

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